Electric Car Rental in Amsterdam

Try the Volkswagen e-Golf now!

You can now also rent electric cars with Enterprise! When hiring a car via our location in Amsterdam, the Volkswagen e-Golf, a fully electric car, is now available to rent. The e-Golf is an ideal city car and perfect for those who like to be environmentally conscious. We will provide you with a charge card free of charge, which is free to use in built up areas.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is comfortable, fast and soundless, and opting for an electric car means reducing emissions as well. Experience it for yourself and book your electric rental car below.

Electric Car Rental in Amsterdam with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Important to know: to rent a car, you need a form of identification (ID-card or passport), a driver’s license (at least one year in your possession), and a credit card (from Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club). All three documents need to be valid, in your name and physically brought with you when picking up your car.

Frequently Asked Questions about electric car rental

There are many websites out there that allow you to search for charging stations in your immediate area. A great website for available charging stations within The Netherlands is www.oplaadpunten.nl. They also have a great app, which can be used with both iOS and Android.

The charge card that we give you when you come to pick up your electric car, works at all the public charging stations within built-up areas. Charging it at one of these stations is entirely free of charge.

To charge the car on the highway, you can download a mobile app called “Fastned”. These are chargeable sessions which can be paid for via the app, with your credit card.

No, there’s no need for it to be fully charged when you bring it back to us. When you’ve returned your electric rental car, we will charge it for you.

Yes! If you’re interested in business car rental / shortlease, you can always send an e-mail to sales@enterprise-netherlands.com for a quote without any obligations, with a heads up that you’d like to lease an electric car. You can also read more about business car rental on our website.    

Pros and Cons of Electric Driving

Not sure yet if you want to hit the road with an electric car? We’ve listed the pros and cons for you here:

Pros of electric driving:
✔ Lower fuel costs: you don’t have to pay for gasoline
✔ Better for the environment: no CO2 emissions
✔ Electric driving means driving without a sound    

Cons of electric driving
✔ Limited range: less suitable for long distances
✔ Charging takes longer than refueling

Do you have any questions about renting an electric car? Please feel free to contact our location in Amsterdam: our experienced colleagues are happy to help!