About Enterprise in the Netherlands

Sharing cars since 2013

You can always get a ride with Enterprise, no matter where your journey’s headed and how long it will take: starting from an hour, ending whenever you want. You can also return your car at the location that suits you best.

By sharing our cars with this much flexibility, we offer the best possible alternative for owning a car. With Enterprise, you can enjoy your car when you need it — and when you don’t, then you don’t have to worry about it and the next person will take it out on the road. That’s how we want to create a world where sharing mobility is the most obvious choice. Not just so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, extra taxes and expensive parking spots, but also for a better environment, less cars on the road and less parking spots in the Randstad.

We don’t just do this in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world: you can find us in over 90 countries. This means we can always help: whether you’re going on a city trip to Paris, travel through the US for a few weeks or even if you need a car just for a few hours to visit a client, we’re here for you.

About Enterprise Rent-A-Car

How we roll at Enterprise:

Always personal

To us, personal service is key: our colleagues have complete freedom to be as flexible as possible and to do whatever they can to make your experience as smooth as possible. Furthermore, amongst other benefits, you can count on 100% transparency regarding costs and conditions, 24/7 road assistance and you can bring back your car wherever and whenever you want.

Always your ideal car

You’ll always find your perfect car with us, thanks to our large and diverse fleet: from the smallest Kia Picanto to the biggest Volvo XC90. With Enterprise, you can always hit the road with a car that meets all of your car rental wishes and requirements.

Always flexible

With us, you can rent a car for one hour until however long you’d like. This means you can get into your car when you need it, and when you don’t, you don’t have to worry about it either. That’s how at Enterprise, you get the best possible alternative for owning a car. Additionally, you help us contribute to less cars on the road, and thereby also less pollution, traffic jams and space occupied by parking spots.
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Enterprise: then and now

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was founded over 60 years ago by Jack Taylor, a pilot from the United States. When he came home after the Second World War, he had two dreams: a family and a business of his own. That second dream came true in 1957, with seven cars and the – at the time – new concept of leasing cars.

Now, over 60 years later, Enterprise is a trusted name across the globe. We offer mobility in over 90 countries with over 2 million vehicles, from a range of cars and vans to entire trucks. As the biggest car sharing company in the world, we’re ready to help across the world to make sure you hit the road with your perfect car.

In 2013, we opened up our first location in the Netherlands: at Schiphol Airport we rented out the 10 cars we had at the time, from behind a wooden counter. Demand grew so quickly that after eight months, we already opened up our next location, by Amsterdam Central Station, and since 2016 we’re also located at Eindhoven Airport and by Station Maastricht.