Fines & damages

The fine comes to us first. Depending on the fine, there are two possible routes:

  1. We inform you about the fine via e-mail, sending the invoice along with the e-mail. The fine + administration fee (€25 + 21% VAT, €30,25 in total) will be deducted from your credit card.
  2. We inform you about the fine via e-mail. You receive the fine yourself from the organization that writes the fines. The administration fee (€25 + 21% VAT, €30,25 in total) will be deducted from your credit card.

Should you receive an e-mail about a fine or has an amount been deducted and you have any questions at all, of course, we would be happy to help. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at with your full name and rental dates. 

If you wish to appeal your fine, please note that it is only possible to personally do so via the authorities who issued said fine.

You can find their contact details on your fine.

We measure damage to rental cars with a special tool: the Damage Evaluator Tool. This is a card that we place on top of the damage, allowing us to fairly and consistently determine whether something is actual damage, or just regular wear and tear, which of course we are not going to charge our customers for. You can see the Damage Evaluator Tool below, including information regarding what counts as damage and what doesn’t.


There are mobile parking scanners who drive around checking if cars are parked legally, by scanning the license plates. If they detect that a car is parked without payment or with expired payment, they issue the fine to the license holder of the vehicle. Paper fines are being phased out. If a parking fine is issued during your rental period, you’ll be informed of the fine by our fines department via e-mail.

In the Netherlands, roads are monitored by speed cameras and traject controls. They capture the speed and if it was over the limit, they issue the fine to the license holder of the vehicle.

In the Netherlands, we have streets with parking indicators, underground parking garages, open parking spaces and so on. As a lot of parking spots must be paid for, we kindly advise to always check before leaving your car in order to avoid fines.

No, you will not encounter any tolls here in the Netherlands.

Holland is very strict when it comes to road rules. To avoid fines, we kindly advise to always keep an eye out for the speed limit signs, as speed limits differ both across EU Member States and across different types of roads. Additionally, in most cases, parking must be paid. Always look around for a parking payment machine and mind the timeframe: most parking spots are paid per hour.

There are two scenarios: your fine balance is either due to the CJIB or due to us at Enterprise.

  1. If the fine balance is due to the CJIB, the fine must be paid directly to them upon receiving the fine at your home address. You will receive the fine at the address you provided when booking your rental car. You can find their account details on the fine document.
  2. If the fine balance is due to us, we will charge the credit card that was used to make the booking. We will inform you of this via the e-mail address you provided when booking the rental.

Please note that in both cases, an administration fee of €30.25 is applicable. The administration fee is charged due to the fact that all fines must be individually processed by our Fines Department. If the transaction on your card is not successful, then we will send you an e-mail asking to process a wire transfer with all the necessary information.

The admin fee is a standard fee for every fine received. It is included due to the fact that we have a special team dedicated to processing these documents individually, ensuring the correct information is submitted to the authorities.

When you come to the location, your car will be clean and ready to go! Before you hit the road, we will inspect your car together with you to make sure any damage is correctly reported before you leave.

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in the car, we kindly advise you to contact roadside assistance. You can find their number both on the sticker on the dashboard, and on the paper sleeve around your contract. The roadside assistance is available 24/7.

In case the Roadside Assistance needs to come on site, please be aware additional charges may apply, check What does Roadside Assistance cover?

If you have damaged your car, please fill out the Change of Condition Form upon return to the location.

If you were involved in an accident, please fill out the European Damage Form completely, together with the third party. For any questions you can always call +31 20 740 0950.

If you have damaged someone else's car, please fill out the Change of Condition Form upon return to the location. If you were involved in an accident, please fill out the European Damage Form completely, together with the third party.

There is a damage form in the dashboard of every rental car; please fill out both sides with the party who damaged your car. In this case, it is necessary to return your car within opening hours so the damage form can be handed directly to our team. Please note that when damage occurs, the full deductible will be deducted from your credit card. If the outcome of the case is to your advantage, this amount will be returned to your account.

If your car or parts of your car are stolen, we kindly advise to immediately contact local police (for the Netherlands, you can call 112) so you can fill out a police report. Upon return to the location, please inform our team of what happened.

For more information about your damage claim, we kindly advise contacting our damage department via

To facilitate keeping track and allowing multiple colleagues at the Damage Department to be able to look into your case at any time, we kindly advise to dispute a damage claim via e-mail:

If you have a question regarding your damage claim, for the fastest service we have created an overview of the messages we receive most often:

  1. How much do you charge for damages? We have an estimate of how much damage will cost to repair per category and per kind of damage. As this is only an estimate, the costs of repair could for example end up being lower, in which case the difference will be refunded. To be as transparent as possible, we have added our complete Damage Repair Cost Matrix below.
  2. How come the deductible has been charged more than once? This may occur when there are multiple damages, as the deductible is applied to every individual damage. This means that, for example, if there is both a dent and a scratch, the deductible will be applied twice.
  3. How do you measure damage to a rental car? For more information about how we measure damage to a rental car at Enterprise, we kindly refer you to our article on the topic: How do you measure damage to a rental car?


If damage to your rental car occurred due to force majeure, the deductible will still be charged as a first step. If the subsequent investigation proves force majeure was the cause of damage, of course this will be rectified as soon as possible.

If you have damage insurance with another company, we can only kindly advise to contact them to file your claim for the damage charges.