Locations & programs

Yes, you can return your car 24/7 at the following car rental locations: Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Schiphol, Maastricht and Eindhoven. Returning your car outside of opening hours is easy and entirely free of charge. You park on our parking lot, lock your car and leave the key behind in the dropbox.

Picking up your rental car outside of opening hours is also possible; for this option, please contact the location where you’d like to pick up your car. Additional costs do apply. You can find all applicable contact details on the location pages:

For business rentals, you can reach us at sales@enterprise-netherlands.com and for short leases, please visit the Enterprise short lease site.

On Enterpriseshortlease.nl we have a special page dedicated to long term car rental.

There, you can find all information about car rental for a month or more, e.g. for when your own car is in the garage or when you’re traveling for a longer period of time. Via the link above you’ll also find how to contact us for a quote (without any obligations, of course).

You can bring back your rental car to different locations within The Netherlands. When you’re booking your car, you can easily select a different return location. During the booking process you’ll also be able to see if any additional costs apply.

Did you already book your rental car? Both the return- and pick-up locations of existing bookings can be adjusted online.

On Enterprise.nl we have a special page dedicated to business car rental.

There, you can find information about everything from the 100% customizable rental programs, to the contact details of our sales team.

For lost items, we recommend contacting us by phone on +31 20 740 0950.